Restoration of Rights Project – Florida Profile

Guide to restoration of rights, pardon, sealing & expungement following a Florida criminal conviction

 Florida Juvenile Collateral Consequences Checklist

2013 guide by the Juvenile Justice Center

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  • Loss and restoration of voting and firearms rights after conviction: A national survey (7/24/2020) - *Update (9/8/20): the full national report, “The Many Roads to Reintegration,” is now available. Earlier today we announced the forthcoming publication of a national report on mechanisms for restoring rights and opportunities following arrest or conviction, titled “The Many Roads to Reintegration.”  As promised, here is the first chapter of that report on loss and restoration of voting and firearms [...]
  • CCRC statement on recent events (6/2/2020) - CCRC stands with those opposing police violence against black people and other forms of racism throughout society.  Black lives matter. Our organization promotes public discussion of how criminal records are used to hold people back in civil society.  Discrimination based on a record hits the black community harder than any other, thanks to the long history of officials using the [...]
  • Federal judge certifies class for landmark Florida felony voting trial (4/9/2020) - The monumental felony voting rights case in Florida moves another step forward, expanding in scope.  On Tuesday, the federal trial judge overseeing the case certified a class of all persons who have served sentences for felony convictions, who would be eligible to vote in Florida but for unpaid court debt.  With the trial scheduled to begin via remote communication on [...]
  • 11th Circuit upholds voting rights for Floridians unable to pay fines and fees (2/20/2020) - *Update (3/31/20): the Eleventh Circuit has denied Florida’s petition for rehearing en banc. A decision yesterday from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit is a major victory for voting rights and criminal justice reform advocates.  It has the potential to dramatically expand access to the ballot for people with felony convictions in Florida.  The decision concerns Florida’s 2018 ballot [...]
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  • Legislative update: third quarter 2019 sees more new licensing and expungement laws (10/11/2019) - In July we reported on the extraordinary number of new laws enacted in the first half of 2019 aimed at restoring rights and status after arrest and conviction.  A total of 97 separate pieces of legislation, some covering multiple topics, were enacted by 38 states and many broke new ground in their jurisdictions.  Moreover, clear trends begun in 2018 accelerated in [...]
  • Florida gov asks state court to resolve felony voting dispute (8/15/2019) - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has opened up a new front in the legal battle in Florida over voting rights for people with felony convictions.  DeSantis is asking the state supreme court for an opinion on whether Amendment 4, passed by Florida voters in 2018, restores the vote for people with outstanding court-ordered fines and fees.  DeSantis signed a law passed by [...]
  • “Wealth-based penal disenfranchisement” (7/1/2019) - This is the title of a study by UCLA law professor Beth Colgan, published in the Vanderbilt Law Review, in which she documents how every state that disenfranchises people based upon criminal conviction also conditions restoration of the vote for at least some people upon their ability to pay.  In some states this is because the law requires people to [...]
  • Marijuana decriminalization drives expungement reform (10/29/2018) - The national trend toward expanding opportunities for restoration of rights after conviction has continued to accelerate throughout 2018.  By our count, so far this year alone 31 states have broadened existing second chance laws or enacted entirely new ones, enhancing the prospects for successful reentry and reintegration for many thousands of Americans.  On November 6, Florida could take the most politically [...]
  • First crop of restoration laws enacted in 2018 (3/30/2018) - In 2017, state legislatures produced a bumper crop of laws restoring rights and opportunities, with 24 separate states enacting new legal mechanisms to facilitate reentry and reintegration.  Based on pending bills and laws already enacted this year, 2018 promises to be similarly productive.  In March, the governors of Florida, Utah and Washington all signed into law new measures expanding their existing [...]