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Ina Silvergleid

Ina R. Silvergleid is an Illinois attorney and sole proprietor of A Bridge Forward LLC, Legal Pathways to a Brighter Future. Formerly an employment law attorney, Ina now focuses her practice on helping individuals who have a criminal background remove barriers to employment and professional licensing.

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Illinois health care licenses elude those with records

2000px-Seal_of_Illinois.svgThe Illinois legislature has been generally progressive in enacting measures to help people with a criminal record avoid being stigmatized for life.  In 2003, as a state senator, President Obama sponsored one of the earliest of these measures, authorizing courts to grant certificates relieving collateral consequences. In 2011, however, Illinois took several steps backwards when it enacted legislation automatically barring some criminal record holders from ever working in a variety of licensed health care fields.  The law has since become the subject of litigation and further legislation that leaves many would-be medical licensees to face an uncertain future.

What follows is a description of the law’s enactment, subsequent court challenges, and potential legislative fixes.

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