A person convicted of a felony loses the right to vote, hold public office, and sit on a jury.  For those with no more than one non-violent Wyoming felony conviction, these rights restored automatically when the person has “completed all of his sentence, including probation and parole.” All others, including those with federal and out-of-state convictions, may petition the governor when their “term of sentence expires” or when they “satisfactorily complete[] a probation period,” and the governor “may” restore these rights.

All persons convicted of a felony lose the right to possess a firearm unless pardoned, except that non-violent first felony offenders regain their rights automatically upon completion of sentence. A person convicted of drug crimes may not obtain a concealed-weapon permit, except that a misdemeanant may regain eligibility after one year.  A person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of violence within three years may be denied a permit.