CCRC’s top 10 posts and most popular tweets of 2018

Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for spending time with us this year on our tools, news, and commentary.  In 2018, visitors most frequently utilized the resources in our Restoration of Rights Project: a state-by-state and federal guide to pardons, sealing & expungement, loss & restoration of civil rights and firearms rights, and consideration of criminal records in employment and licensing.  In addition, links to our top 10 posts and most popular tweets from 2018 are below.

We have several projects in store for 2019 to expand our work of promoting public discussion of collateral consequences and restoration of rights and status.  To begin with, we will issue in January 2019 a report on the unprecedented number of new “fair chance” laws enacted in the past year: 29 states and the District of Columbia enacted more than 50 separate new laws, many addressing more than one type of restoration mechanism.  18 states expanded their laws authorizing sealing or expungement, Florida voters acted to restore the vote to more than 1.5 million individuals with felony convictions, and a bipartisan effort to reform how licensing agencies treat people with a criminal record bore fruit in a dozen states.  In addition, in early 2019 we also expect to begin a major research project to determine which kinds of restoration laws are most effective in furthering reintegration.

More to come soon!

Top 10 new posts in 2018

1. California enacts modest occupational licensing reform

2. May background screeners lawfully report expunged records?

3. More states enact major “second chance” reforms

4. Michigan set-asides found to increase wages and reduce recidivism

5. Appreciating the full consequences of a misdemeanor

6. Collateral Consequences in Occupational Licensing Act

7. Landmark criminal record disclosure case in the UK Supreme Court

8. Automated sealing nears enactment in Pennsylvania

9. Indiana enacts progressive new licensing law

10. Vermont AG supports opportunities for diversion and expungement

10 Most Popular Tweets in 2018