The Many Roads to Reintegration: A national survey of laws restoring rights and opportunities after arrest or conviction

*Update (9/8/20): the full national report, “The Many Roads to Reintegration,” is now available.

We are pleased to announce that this summer we will publish a national report on the various approaches to restoration of rights and opportunities following arrest or conviction being implemented throughout the United States.  Over the next few weeks, we will preview sections of the report on this site.

Titled “The Many Roads to Reintegration,” the report revises and substantially expands our earlier national report last updated in August 2018.  Just in the last two years there has been a veritable torrent of law-making aimed at mitigating or avoiding the collateral consequences of a criminal record, which we have chronicled in our annual reports on new legislation. We hope that this national report will allow us to take stock of how far we’ve come as a country in the past several years, and show us where we need to go.  We envision it as a kind of summing up at the end of the beginning of this new Age of Record Reform in which we find ourselves.

Later today, we will post the first chapter on “Loss and Restoration of Voting and Firearms Rights.”  Next up, next week, will be the third chapter on fair employment and occupational licensing.  The final piece of the report, which we expect will be ready for publication by the second week in August, will deal with the myriad approaches to record relief being developed and implemented across the country, including executive pardon, legislative “clean slate” laws, and judicial expungement.  We expect to publish the whole report, complete with appendices, by mid-to-late August.  We welcome feedback on the chapters as we publish them, so that we can make improvements before the entire report is final.

The Table of Contents is published below to give our audience a picture of what to expect when the report is published in August.

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