Restoration of Rights Project – California Profile

Guide to restoration of rights, pardon, sealing & expungement following a California criminal conviction

Degrees of Freedom: Expanding College Opportunities for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Californians

2015 report by the Renewing Communities Initiative of the The Stanford Criminal Justice Center and the Warren Institute at the UC Berkeley School of Law

A Healthy Balance: Expanding Health Care Job Opportunities for Californians with a Criminal Record While Ensuring Patient Safety and Security  

2015 report by the National Employment Law Project.

Helping Immigrant Clients with Proposition 47 and Other Post-Conviction Legal Options

2015 guide by Californians for Safety and Justice.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Criminal Record Expungement in Santa Clara County

2014 report by the San Jose State University Record Clearance Project

Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings in California:  A Handbook for Juvenile Law Professionals

2011 report by the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center

Be sure to check for changes in the relevant laws since this resource is fairly dated.


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